Hevel Couture

Indulge In The Epitone Of Elegance With Hevel Bespoke Couture, A Distinguished Luxury Lifestyle Brand That Transcends Fashion Normalities From Expusite Clothing To Opulent Bags And Accessories , Each Project Is A Testament To Unparalleled. Craftsmanship And Timeless Style Embracing A Boutique Ethos , HEVEL Prides itself On Offering Collections On A Limited Production Basis , Ensuring Exclusively.

Our Creations Are A Expression Of Individuality, Complimented By Our Bespoke Design Ethos.

Elevate Your Lifestyle To Extraordinary With Our Maliciously Curated And Customizable Pieces.



Head Of Design

Meet Rajima, the 33-year-old design maven from Karnataka, India, celebrated for seamlessly blending luxury and sustainability in the corporate clothing industry across Asia.

Rajima, in a distinctive collaboration with Hevel Couture (H-E-V-E-L), a distinguished luxury boutique brand known for limited productions of each style, already gracing 66 countries, is set to elevate her innovative designs to a global scale.

Recognized for her eco-friendly creations, Rajima’s collaboration with Hevel Couture harmonizes her Indian heritage with international acclaim.

The exclusivity of Hevel Couture’s limited editions adds a unique touch to their joint venture, poised to redefine fashion standards and establish Rajima as a name synonymous with conscientious luxury on a worldwide stage.